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released March 3, 2017

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Trae Roberts



all rights reserved


Off Center Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: Ascension
You did not make me there is no fucking god, you will not fake me there is no fucking god, you did not create me there is no fucking god, hand to the bible the power of christ there is no fucking god hes a lie lie lie where was he in my time of need angles come to swoop me up off my feet , take me away from this earth and bury my body in the fucking dirt, And when you try to make your own fucking path and you choose religion over your own life, you cant push me you cant control my life i can make decisions for myself i dont need your fucking help
Track Name: Silence (ft. Trae Roberts of Bruise)
I dont wana do this anymore, all I hear is my own thoughts, all i feel is lust, No love, No help, Ill crush your fucking head ill crush your fucking head grab the bodies cause we cant just leave em dead i wont be spoon fed by you privileged bitch. I wont be spoon fed by you privileged all i feel is lust all i feel is hatred, i don't need your remorse, when all hope is lost. Hope is lost. Life choices mistakes im living life in a heartbreak knuckles bleeding feel the force i dont need your fucking remorse, children weeping, life receding, all i need is fucking silence. Silence
Track Name: Arbitrator
Life slipping away from me, controlling substances got the best of me. Compulsive thoughts running through my brain, reaper came to claim the weak. I told myself, i would never let you die alone, I beat myself up over the years, I wont shed another tear. I will never let you die alone i tried to find myself once again, try to tell me who you really are, try to tell me who you really are.